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BWA is classified as an Investment Vehicle and its share capital is traded on the AQSE Growth Market Exchange.

There are a total of 313,612,891 Ordinary Shares of 0.5 pence in issue.

38.23% of BWA Group plc share are held in public hands.

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Shareholder information last updated 27/11/2021.


Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Issued Share Capital Ordinary Shares under Option
St Georges Eco-Mining Corp 60,000,000 19.13  
Richard Battersby * 51,743,906 16.50 12,000,000
James Butterfield 50,419,739 16.08 12,000,000
Alex Borrelli 29,616,561 9.44 12,000,000
Christian Tremblay 16,403,200 5.23  
Early Equity Plc 12,025,850 3.83  
Mr D M Cass 10,380,726 3.13  
James Hogg 1,925,001 0.61 6,128,738

* The shares in which Richard Battersby is beneficially interested are registered in the names of The Bank of New York (Nominees) Limited and CGWM Nominees Limited as nominees for Bath Group Limited.

BWA has £301,000 of 14% Convertible Unsecured Loan Notes 2021 in issue. The Loan Notes are convertible into a maximum of 80,803,924 ordinary shares in the Company.

Potential dilution:
If the 14% Convertible Unsecured Loan Notes 2021 are held to maturity, the resulting issue of ordinary shares would result in a dilution of 20.85%

If the share options were all to be exercised in accordance with the share option scheme the dilution would be 10.76%

Conversion of the Convertible Unsecured 0% Loan stock is limited to a maximum holding of 29% of the equity in issue. In the theoretical case that all the loan stock could be converted to ordinary shares at par the dilution would be 74.00%

Should it be possible for all shares mentioned above potentially to be issued then the overall dilution would be 76.36%