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Shareholder Information

BWA is classified as an Investment Vehicle and its share capital is traded on the NEX Exchange.

There are a total of 274,285,065 Ordinary Shares of 0.5 pence in issue.

37.69% of BWA Group plc share are held in public hands.

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Shareholder information last updated 31/01/2020.


Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Issued Share Capital Ordinary Shares under Option
St Georges Eco-Mining Corp 60,000,000 21.88  
Richard Battersby * 43,118,982 15.72 5,871,262
James Butterfield 42,575,301 15.52 5,871,262
Alex Borrelli 25,202,618 9.19 5,871,262
Christian Tremblay 16,403,200 5.98  
Early Equity Plc 12,025,850 4.38  
Fiske Nominees Limited 8,375,000 3.05  

* The shares in which Richard Battersby is beneficially interested are registered in the name of HSBC Global Nominees LImited as nominee for Bath Group Limited.

BWA has £220,000 of 14% Convertible Unsecured Loan Notes 2020 in issue. The Loan Notes are convertible into a maximum of 52,065,000 ordinary shares in the Company, Full exercise of the Loan Notes in issue would result in dilution of 30.20%.